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Are you wondering if the eMINDSCLUB community is right for you?

 Learn more about our new way of business networking. You can gain new connects that can give much more than just startup support. Your connections can become collaborators, partners, or even your next venture. 

Check out our list of FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions


In short, we are changing the game for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who don’t have Silicon Valley or Ivy League contacts on speed dial. Next, we’re building a world-class community to support, collaborate, or level up your business.  Last but not least, we’re connecting passionate, driven entrepreneurs with the exact startup help they’re looking for. You’re not alone with eMINDSCLUB. You can do it with help. We’re on standby and ready when you are. 

Am I eligible to join?

Absolutely, Yes! The eMINDSCLUB community is designed for startups and solopreneurs or looking to improve their business, ideas, brand or maybe even boost their investment portfolio. Once a member, you can contribute as much or as little as you’d like. You never know where this type of open business networking could lead you!

How do I barter, partner, and venture?

You’ll have more opportunities for connections as this elite business networking community continues to grow. How does it work? It’s easy!

 First, you’ll find a member you’d like to contact with. Maybe it’s for skill bartering? Perhaps a partnership? Possibly venture opportunities? Next, you’ll use the built-in contact feature to connect and discuss the terms. Lastly, you’ll make a mutually advantageous agreement and get to work! Connect and change the world, or at least change your business. 

Please note, regarding equity and venturing: eMINDSCLUB encourages members of the community to seek professional consultation from someone who represents their interests.

Do you have an affiliate program?

At this time, we do not have an affiliate program. If we reconsider the affiliate option, our members will be notified before the general public. Members will have first or even exclusive access to any affiliate considerations.

What types of startup help are available with eMINDSCLUB?

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in business for years eMINDSCLUB can give startup support for your new project, ideas, or brand. With this new business networking format, you can barter your skills to save money. You can also connect with other solopreneurs or longtime business all stars for strategic partnerships to dominate your target market. Looking for the right investor to make your dreams a reality? Perhaps you’re ready to diversify your investments and would like to help another business get launched? You have all of these startup help resources and more.

Why do I Need Business Networking Opportunities?

In today’s world, it is still definitely not what you know, but who you know. Unfortunately, as an solopreneur you’re most likely swamped with responsibilities and short on time to attend traditional (and dare we say, old fashioned) in person events. They’re costly and filled with small talk and awkward banter.

Save the weather for Google and get to work. When you’re looking for startup help, it’s best to talk with those who you know want to listen. The eMINDSCLUB community is built on true Business Networking principles without the restrictions of geographical location or appropriate chamber luncheon attire.

What's a Solopreneur?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Solopreneur is someone who sets up and operates a business on their own. If you’re working solo to launch your business, you’re a solopreneur. It can be tough to essentially build Rome all by your lonesome, without any basic startup help. The eMINDSCLUB community is designed to provide next level online business networking for not just solopreneurs, but any business owner or venture capitalist at any stage in the game.

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