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The new way of building your empire.

If you're like most of our members you believe in expanding your network and levelling up your skill sets to finally see your startup ideas become a reality, but you just don't have the time or knowhow to make the key connections that you know will help get you there.

We created  a new, exclusive entrepreneurial community like no other to give you the same type of connections and environment that has other Ivy League and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs sitting in the top 1%... 



Introducing: Bartering. This concept is just as old as it is new. Hundreds of years ago, bartering skills was a way to survive, not just a way to save money. Today, it’s making a come back as savvy entrepreneurs are forced to be creative with their resources. Bartering skills allows both parties to walk away happy and satisfied without touching the bottom line.


The right partnership can seriously transform your startup. It can be as simple as linking clients to additional services that let you earn referral partnerships. It can be as huge as finally finding the right person to be your cofounder for your next big idea. Whatever your goals are, there’s the right partner out there to make them happen.


This startup tool is often overlooked, or dare we say, underachieved in the business world. Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, there is profit to be made from the right business ventures.


Having the tools for success is key. Network with like minded, powerful individuals and participate in LIVE mastermind sessions with top entrepreneurs, CEOs and entrepreneurs! This is the most effective entrepreneur club that you'll ever be a part of: and all of the channels are included for FREE with your membership.


Become a member of a world-class community of driven go-getters who want to excel. Connect with entrepreneurs just like you without regional restrictions! Find new partners on the other side of the world without even leaving your house...

Learn about other members’ success and see how other businesses solved similar issues or used new techniques. Whether you’re a new business startup or a seasoned industry veteran, this is an awesome benefit! You can always teach an old (or young) dog new tricks!

Unlike online marketplaces, the focus here is mutual success. We’re not a place for spamming or coming to sell your services. Everything shared here is by and for serious entrepreneurs with the intent to barter skills, find partners, or venture



eMINDSCLUB is a powerful online community created exclusively for entrepreneurs, startups and venture seekers who understand the impact that making the right connections can have on their business.
Dominic Pratt,the founder of eMINDSCLUB is also an entrepreneur who wanted to transform the way business owners were networking, collaborating, and investing with each other. He saw the struggle and incredible frustration that comes with the demands of entrepreneurship and how amplified those struggles are without the right connections. While ivy league grads and the next generation of the top “1%” can simply make a call to start a new business, the rest of us are here bootstrapping it - pouring heart, soul, sanity, and finances into each new venture.
The eMINDSCLUB community became a beacon of hope for not just their entrepreneurial dreams, but so much more. Armed with the understanding that those in life with whom we share the least amount of connections, often possess the greatest capacity for opportunities, he decided to become the bridge to make those connections a reality for all of us.
Instead of struggling on the outside, watching the top so easily thrive, he created an entire community for us all. One that isn’t restricted by income level or ivy league status. He created an exclusive community restricted to only those who want to take their business or investment goals to the next level - without the ivy league pre-qualifier.
Here - the playing field is level. Here is where the true innovators will come to make their dreams a reality. Here is where the next generation of business pioneers are coming together to change the world.

I created eMINDSCLUB so you could have the very best shot at entrepreneurial success. Check it out.
Dominic Pratt
CEO, Founder of eMINDSCLUB

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